Who would have thought

The World, at home

How small is this World!! Take a small Greek island. Take a small French village. We were able then to bring to Hydra all sorts of goodies from everywhere... Well, the World is your oyster (and not just because the small French village is only 10mn away from the best ever French oysters). The world is here too now, in our hands. Thank you the Web! Greek vintage textiles or Greek organic soaps, Uzbek fabrics or Syrian glasses, at The Hydra Trading Company you will find some little treasures from far horizons.

Exotic flavours

So let's just talk here about our latest newcomers: World Spices for you to travel in your kitchen. Spain, the West Indies, China, India, Morroco, all the flavours of the world in just adorable little tins we found for you. Yes I know, you are welcome.

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