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Free deliveries in France for a minimum of 90 euros purchase on this website!

But unfortunately, we cannot deliver abroad anymore, really sorry my friends.



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26,00 €

Lovely storage enamel box for the kitchen. Watch, it is not airtight! l 14 x H 17 x L 19 cm

15,00 €

Candle holder in white enamel.

19,00 €

Lovely, vintage-looking enamel round boxes for the kitchen. Set of 2: 1 small and 1 large. Not airtight.

26,00 €

Very practical, pretty set of 3 stacking bowls in white enamel with black writing, and numbered N°7.

35,00 €

Quaint, vintage-like blue grey tumblers numbered from 1 to 6. For the kitchen, the office, the bathroom, everywhere really!

22,00 €

Love the red! Beautiful enamel coffee pot of the purest French tradition, to use as a vase. Contains 1,5 L;

18,00 €

Perfect French vintage colour: yellow as straw. Enamel jug to use as a vase. Contains 3/4 L.

24,00 €

So quaint, here is a white enamel jug with a flower on it. Use as a vase. Contains 1 L. 1/4

20,00 €

Superb 1950's enamel jug. Love that darkish green and the straight angles of the handle. Contains 1 L. 1/4